The Velanidia Foundation for Amorgos aims at : inspiring


  • inspiring actions for the Amorgian ecosystem
  • gathering and uniting people around these actions
  • surveying and inventorying the natural features of Amorgos
  • promoting their conservation
  • creating a database (pictures, field surveys and cartography)
  • gathering the knowledge of the local people of the island
  • creating a seed base and nursery
  • spotting the main natural symbols and marking them (for example, putting plates on the most significant trees)
  • organizing activities with the young children of Amorgos (like planting and adopting a tree) and school outings
  • maintaining and developing the paths and promoting alternative tourism
  • facilitating and initiating ecological projects (reforestation, creation of a botanical path)
  • serving as an organ of action and reference for the Island Council and external actors
  • supporting the Trees for Greece Project on Amorgos and any other rehabilitation project.

Its core values are :


We can’t go anywhere if the one goes left and the other right. We have to adjust our views to reach common solutions through open assembly. This can only work out with


All the information, targets, mode of functioning, budget, have to be public and clear.


The Oak Tree’s action has to be absolutely free of partisan or political pressures. It will work solely for non-profit targets, financially as politically.


Velanidia means “Oak Tree” in Greek. Today only 8 specimens remain on Amorgos out of the vast forests that burned down in 1835. We try to help its renaissance and foster the ecosystem of the island as a whole.

If you are interested or want to help, please contact us at: