become a friend

Become a friend of the Foundation and help the young Oak Tree to grow.

 How can you help?

Volonteer action is the blood of the Foundation, and that is a philosophy. People put their efforts in such a project in a desinterested way : they do because they care for this rare flower, they love this humble tree. We believe that the world we live in can only improve through love, and it remains our core motivation. Beyond the endeavour for Nature, it is a meaningful communautary adventure. Uplifting human encounter is always at the centre of our project.

Do you feel like contributing? Welcome! The Velanidia Foundation will be enriched to count you among its Friends 🙂

There is many things you can do to support the Foundation. Expressing appreciation is already a good support.

See what else you can do :

  •  First and foremost, very simply, start by spreading the word. You can exchange on the square, at the kafeneio, at the grocery shop. You can forward our link and messages to other people who love Amorgos and nature.Any « like » on our Facebook profile gives us encouragement . Every new friend gives weight and legitimity to our action.
  • You can share with us your knowledge and experience. We wish to make ties with specialists from many varied spheres. But everyone possesses a piece of knowledge. You might know a old song, have observed a rare phenomenom. And if you spend your days running the Amorgian mountains, we consider you as a field specialist.Advice can concern the trees, but also the way of developping and organising the Foundation, making status, raising funds, aso.
  • You can put us in contact with the right people.
  • You can bring in your own ideas. The Velanidia Tree intends to be also a nursery for projects and energies. We can search, invent, experiment. The only bad idea is not to express your ideas !The Velanidia Tree is freshly born so there is a lot of space for initiative.
  • If you live on Amorgos, you can take pictures or draw sketches of the most significant trees, plants, animals. Note well the exact location (with GPS positionning if possible), time and your observations and send it to us through mail. This will help us create a database. If you find rare specimens, or strange phenomenom, do contact us !
  • You can volunteer for actions. For instance we will need a team of mountain runners to collect seeds this autumn, and to plant them.
  • If you have a garden on Amorgos protected from goats, you can offer us a corner of land to make a nursery of indigenous species (in pots).

You can also plant indigenous trees on your own land. We can of course offer you seeds and assistance.

  • if you are a teacher on Amorgos, you can sensitize your pupils about the trees. We have material and ideas for you. We are also very open to do animations in the school or to take the children on school outings and treasure quests.
  • if you are an artist, you can inspire us! Poets, writers, painters are an essential breath for the Foundation.Graphic designers can currently help us to make a logo for the Foundation, plantation plans and draw artist views to illustrate future projects.
  • If you have sense of organisation, you can volonteer as an administrator. We are also looking for help to improve the websites.
  • You can translate our articles in other languages, especially Greek. This will be very useful to further understanding between people.
  • You can provide us with some equipment : tools, books, pots, etc… Currently we badly need…a printer !!
  • Last but not least, you can help us with money. The Foundation is totally non-profit and based on volonteer action, but it needs means of action. Donations will serve at :

*buying trees that we can’t grow ourselves and other tools and equipment for plantation

*making necessary phone calls, prints, and administrative expenses.

*making actions with the children

*buying books

*eventually, rent a small shed for the Foundation


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