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If you are interested or want to help, please contact us at:

Lonaïs (+30) 69 85 85 25 80



5 thoughts on “Contact us

  1. Heleni Papadopoulos

    Ηι…!!! I want to tell you that I know some people in West Macedonia who are planting trees on mountains with a very special way.. They have a new “Know How” for ecollogically fertilize earth… Please, contact me and I’ll give you some references…

  2. lolahola

    Dear friend
    I have seen an article about Amorgos in a news paper. I would like to become a volunteer but I live in England. Can you tell me if is posoble for me to help?.
    Lola Castor

    1. Velanidia Foundation for Amorgos Post author

      Dear friend Lola
      Thank You already for your interest and moral support. There is surely a way you can help. First of all, are you planning to visit us on Amorgos? If you come during the Fall season there will be a lot of activity collecting seeds and planting new trees. Keep in touch! Regards,

  3. Ann Kearney

    Hello Velaninidia friends, very soon my sister and I are gratefully returning to Amorgos for the first time in many years. We are fascinated by your foundation and we’d like to help you somehow.
    Can you let us know which is the Quercus species native to Amorgos…we are great oak fans!
    Sincerely thank you for your important works and goals!
    ann and mara

    1. Velanidia Foundation for Amorgos Post author

      Dear Ann & Mara, thank you for your kind words and support! There is a rare ancient oak species on Amorgos, Quercus ilex var. amorgina. Quercus ilex is only recorded on a few islands in Greece and considered one of the most ancient species of tree. We also have a few beautiful specimens of Quercus macrolepis with particularly impressive fruits. Although scarce, those trees have a huge variety of morphology on Amorgos, which is intriguing. Of course we also have the other variety of Oak, the much more common Quercus coccifera. That’s a lot for a small island, with many other interesting and rare tree and plant species.
      You are welcome back!
      If you want to plant with us your Oaks on the island, then we will have a session around the 20th-24-25th of october for the festival of the big YES 🙂
      Kind regards,


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