Good things take time. Lasting works build slowly. The Oak Tree embodies this old adage : spevde vradeos! Hasten slowly. Let’s set on our journey now, but without running: for it is a long road!

As it is, it almost opposes the Eucalyptus Tree, the Australian sprinter, which grows very fast…and takes fire even faster! Causing in the interval important degradations to the ecosystem worldwide. Fast profit has a high price.

Today there are about 400 recently imported Eucalyptus Trees on Amorgos, and only 9 adult Oaks standing still over the eons. The genus itself is threatened to disappear unnoticed, together with migratory birds, rare flowers and an invisible realm of micro-organisms which constitute the spring of life, for animals and Man alike.

On the Health of its environment depends the health of Man.

Today waters and springs themselves have ceased to speak, as the forests have disappeared.

But we can choose our destiny: every minute we are free to decide its orientation.

And to those who have ears, the lone Oak Tree on the Photodotis path speaks.

To hear its voice, we have to go on foot…When one rests under its foliage on a hot day, near the Milies spring, it starts telling. How for millenniums, it has fed Man and animals alike. How it has given its acorns to dye leather. How it has given its wood to the timber of the strongest houses, and to the masts of the sturdiests ships, holding their sails to the remotest lands. How, finally, Man used to read the oracles of God in its leaves, and steer his destiny accordingly.

It says also that old Sages are altruistic. Look at me closely it says: I don’t live alone. I live in synergy with other plants, organisms and microbiotes : I protect them, they help me. Then in the wine itself that you drink, in the honey that you taste, you will have the taste of the ground I patiently make.

Today, our core philosophy is also to promote emulation instead of competition, fellowship, and to bind the community together, men, women, and generations.

We hope for a living island. For the old men not to be forgotten and for the young generation to inherit an island that can stand healthy on its legs, and sustain itself.

Our deepest hope, is that one day, we will dance around one of those noble Oak, young children and all men hand in hand.

Then it won’t feel so lonely anymore.


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